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We are Texans Against School Violence

Our Guiding Principles


Security First

TASV believes that for our children to learn best and our educators to educate best, we must provide a safe environment for them at school campuses.  For us this means that when and if we see a security gap, we rally as a community to find a solution.   In the wake of great tragedy in our state, we came together as a community with a goal to provide protection for every child, through law enforcement security measures, at every Texas public school campus.  

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Commitment to Texas Public Schools

We are a group of Texas parents in the FWISD school system who have chosen Texas public schools for our children's education.  We believe in and support Texas public schools, but also are concerned with the existing security gaps that exist on many Texas school campuses.  We look to partner with local and state officials to further our mission in our community and beyond.


Support Local Law Enforcement

We partner closely with local police departments to create jobs and strengthen relationships with community law enforcement officers.  We look to law enforcement to help us identify and enforce appropriate security measures outside and inside the campus buildings as necessary.  Our partnership with local law enforcement aims to build lasting relationships between students and law enforcement to strengthen our community. 

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Get to Know Us

Who We Are:

We are a group of concerned parents with children in the Fort Worth ISD school system.  We are committed to the Texas public school system and have noted a gap in security efforts on elementary school campuses.  In light of current tragic events, we have decided to take action.  Texans Against School Violence was established in 2022, to help address security gaps on school campuses.

What is our purpose?

Our mission is to raise funds for a dedicated law enforcement officer at every elementary school in the state of Texas. We partner with local law enforcement and school elected officials to gather support and raise private funding for local and retired law enforcement tasked with providing enhanced security on elementary school campuses. 

Schools we serve:

We have selected one elementary school in our district as a pilot school for the '22 - '23 school year.  Our mission is to expand our impact by adding 'sister-schools' beginning in the '23-'24 school year.  If you would like to learn more about our TASV 'sister-school' program, please email for more information. 

How we plan to achieve our mission?

Our organization is truly a grassroots effort that is reliant upon community and local business support.  We appreciate your support by sharing our mission and donating monetarily. Donate today, here. Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information. 

Who We Are


Amber Spurgeon

Founder & President


Eric Spurgeon 

Vice President


Officer Tracy Carter



Charity Aughinbaugh



Peter Dean

Board Member


Keeton Monahan, J.D.

Board Member

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